Tito’s nuclear bunker

The Ark, ARK/D-0, Atomska Ratna Komanda (Atomic War Command, nicknamed Tito’s bunker, is a Cold War era nuclear bunker and military command centre located near the town of Konjic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Built to protect Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito and up to 350 members of his inner circle in the event of an atomic conflict, the structure is made up of residential areas, conference rooms, offices, strategic planning rooms, and other areas. The bunker remained a state secret until after the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Built between 1953 and 1979 inside Zlatar Hill at the southern foothills of Bjelasnica Mouintain, the ARK is the largest nuclear shelter and one of the largest underground facilities ever built in former Yugoslavia. For over a decade it was the most secret military installation in the country, about it’s existence knew only few high ranking officers with highest security clearance. Today this facility is under the authority of the Ministry of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ARK is preserved intact with all it’s symbols of the social, economical, political and ideological system of Socialist Yugoslavia.